my initials are BA. stands for badass

Post College


yes this is very late
no internet still
makes online blogs very difficult
but i've written something every single day


3rd day of work
don't exactly remember that much because i've missed a few days
but that's what happens when there's no wifi
oh wait
that's what happened
we were so close to getting wifi
but unfortunately, we needed the landlord's approval for comcast to drill since we rent
i think i had my first meeting with PTR
or that was the other day
i'm designing their brochure and we'll see how it goes
when my housemates came home
we sat down and had a conversation about love and soulmates
i keep referring to the poem by nayirrah waheed
it talks about how one can have several soulmates
romantic and nonromantic
that people will come and go
and that i should let them come and go
i asked the question
would it be alright if i went through life
learning to love myself
having partners as they come
and just being alone
i still go back to that quote by bell hooks

Bradley Afroilan