my initials are BA. stands for badass

Post College


still very hard to update these and actually put images up
it was father's day today
my niece's 6th birthday
the warriors game
i was a little mad at my pops today
it stinks since it's father's day
it's just that when i go home
to see him
it's always in the contect of being with my aunt and uncle
as a result
i just sit there
eat food
while he and my aunt & uncle talk in tagalog
language of my ancestors
almost forbidden drink to my tongue
i try sometimes to speak
but it's just so hard

any who
warriors lost
exciting game

my niece had a watermelon cake
traffic wasn't too bad

i had a good conversation with my cousin
i told her how i felt a lot of uncertainty in my life
how i want to be stable
and not in transitions

but she told me
life can't be still
because it's always changing
if life is ever still
that means
it's over

a lot for me to think about

Bradley Afroilan