my initials are BA. stands for badass

Post College


Work has been a little slow for me.
I know this job is temporary for me.
It's not the most exciting thing.
It's definitely nice to just chill a bit and not worry too much.
However, I still want to be doing things that get me to where I may want to be.
Too bad I don't know exactly where that is.
I went to my internship yesterday and it took a little longer than expected to do some consulting.
However, it's good practice for me.
It's too bad that all I look forward to the day sometimes is just coming home and hanging out with my housemates.
Yesterday was a nice change of pace because I had my friend and co-artist from Rename Barrows Hall come by and catch up.
All of my housemates joined in the conversation so we didn't catch up too much, but it was nice to just be in good company.

But regardless,
this time of my life like a lot of my life has been very low.
Happiness visits me in very small bursts.
They come and knock on the door and say that they can only stay for a little bit.
I haven't even been able to ride a skateboard in the last week or so.
I really wanted to keep skateboarding for awhile, but it's been hard to do so.
I miss the days of school when I could just skate whenever I wanted to and then go do some work.
It was ideal.
There were a lot of times when I reflected while skating that it would be the last time for awhile.

Bradley Afroilan