my initials are BA. stands for badass

Post College


if you look at the last semester
i took this photo during spring break
i edited it because i didn't exactly capture what i wanted from the scene

i stayed over at a friend's house last night
we talked about the person love
i showed her through nayirah waheed's poetry
how i see love
i also ended up just watching ful metal alchemist all last night which was great

this morning i went on a hike with one of my adings
we had breakfast
we got a couch from down the street

i cleaned the fridge my housemate and i picked up
another one of my housemates moved in
right now i'm at a friend from high school's apartment
it's nice.
we chill in the sense of just being on our computers
but we also have some good dialogue in between

im editing more photos right now
tomorrow i have a trip to SF with a good friend
i'm excited to catch up a bit

Bradley Afroilan