my initials are BA. stands for badass

Post College


yes this post is late again
it's hard to keep up with an internet blog when you don't have wifi
i know it's a first world problem
but when you're a post graduate like me
it makes things difficult
for me, i know that if i'm at home or a place of comfort, i don't get a lot of things done
however, it's more comfortable to be able to work in the comfort of my home
but at the same time, it's strange to feel that becuase i don't have wifi
i feel so disconnected from the world

today or rather yetereday
a close friend and i made an impromtu trip to SF
we simply packed our bags with snacks, our laptops, and water and went
nothing was planned
our only destination in SF was the Mission where my housemate told me we should go
unfortunately, this place is getting more gentrified
besides the gentrification though
it was a good place to explore because we could barely even cover the whole area
i don't even remember what place we ate for lunch
where we got chinese doughnuts, 10 for $1
i do remember the park that we went to that i have been to several times
dolores park
we caught up after not catching up since december
there's a difference between hanging out and catching up
hanging out: being in the same space and talking about superficial things
catching up: intimate bonding between individuals, usually uncovering personal narratives
i appreciate him sharing and as well him listening to my struggles as well
that was probably my highlight of the day
it's nice to go on duel trips with people
this SF trip had been something i've been wanting to go on for awhile
i was supposed to go on this with my first love
but that never happened
but it's nice to have close friends who can fill in
may even do a better job~

Bradley Afroilan