my initials are BA. stands for badass

Post College


haven't been able to post pictures or my edits of photos unfortunately
but it's ok
that's why there's always the edit button

today i went into the office today to get my paperwork finally signed
i'll be working as a youth activities coordinator in downtown oakland for the next 11-12 weeks
i'm also applying to work for later in August.
we'll see what happens

post college is a lot of
apply here
hope for this
hopes go hope
for a second
and it's on to the next thing

but right now
i'm happy to have a job
following paperwork i took the bus to go towards northside of campus
i don't want to be in the University anymore so i'm doing my best to avoid it
however, the bus i hopped on brought me back to the university
i had never ridden this bus before
instead of getting off on the familiar setting of the university
i took it all the way down to oakland where i see counseling
i studied in a cafe
applid for a job
left to get my TB test
along the way i had a conversation with a canvasser
i didn't want to spend money through my card on their phone
i just wanted to donate through cash

i came back
went to a new screen printing place that is opened on University avenue in order to network
didn't get to see my sister
came back home
fell asleep
edited photos
waited for my housemate to come back home
now just hanging out and chilling

post grad
some moments are business oriented
some moments are very sad
on my bed, i lay for awhile wondering about what i should be doing
being out in the world, networking, and having fun
but it's a long process
i guess another challenge in this project is to see how i'm going to step out of my introverted container~

Bradley Afroilan