my initials are BA. stands for badass

Post College


still no internet.
i keep complaining, but in this day and age and this context of the united states
internet is a necessity.
unfortuantely, sonic is not the best internet provider
i went to the skatepark today
i learned a few new tricks
as i told my friend
self-care looks like activities where even if i get hurt, i still want to do the activity
there were many times where i got hurt today
such as trying a heelflip off the arger fun box
but i got right up and tried it again

i got back to my house
i live with 2 other people
you don't know how thankful i am to live with other people
especially with respect to depression and anxiety
people make things a lot easier to handle
while it seems like distraction becuase i still think of bell hooks of their quote
"the central act of loving is being alone. when you can be alone, then you cane be with others without using others as an escape"
however, because of poetry for the people
i'm able to channel my emotions and process what i feel
it's very strange for me to do

with respect to professional efforts
i've applied to one job
started giving a face lift to my website
in a few days there will be something different
i hope i'm able to land a job in digital communications
we'll see though

Bradley Afroilan