my initials are BA. stands for badass

Post College


Work has been getting a bit better.
Today at almost every single hour, there was a kid hanging out with us.
There was a moment when no one was there and it was just my co-worker and we were just reading.
After work, I went to a cafe in Berkeley that I had never been to before. My housemate Edgar was doing some work over there.
I ended up finishing my design for my internship. To be honest, it looks a lot better than what I had originally. It helps that I was working with someone who has been doing design for quite some time and we were able to collaborate and figure out what would be best.
It also helps that she finished a bit earlier with her work.
At home, I just got ready for my interview that happens tomorrow. I have to wake up a bit earlier than normal to get on the BART and go to SF.

Bradley Afroilan