my initials are BA. stands for badass

Post College


Work really picked up yesterday. I forgot what it's like to work with kids in a small working environment and when all of the kids want to be doing something.
In a word, it's stressful.
Unfortunately, I had to be a little more strict than I am used to which meant taking things away from the kids in order to teach them a lesson and as well using a stern voice, but not yelling at the kids.
It's an experience to treat the kids as equals and asking them why do they think the action that they did was wrong and explaining it to them.
I felt bad though because one of the kids went home because of the way I approached it, but kids do have to learn to have difficult conversations.
Afterwards was the internship where I'm still working on the brochure. It's a bit tedious, but I think we're going somewhere which is great.

Last night I had a very long conversation and dinner with a close friend.
I was having a conversation about why is there such thing as a need for purpose and as well, why is selfless admired and selfish not.
That's when an older friend of ours came into the picture and told us a few things that were very big lessons.

1. stop the pain
2. i don't need to know everything.
3. selfish isn't bad unless it hurts others
4. my place in life is either the spark, carrying the torch, or passing the torch. sometimes i'll travel alone, but i'll also meet people along the way

Bradley Afroilan