my initials are BA. stands for badass

Post College



Ate Judy!
I hung out with a new mentor today.
She's kind of like my mom to me already.
I say so because she's around the age when my mother died.
She's about the same height too?
I actually don't remember my Mom too well though.
If I try to think back about my Mom, I know that I was shorter than her.
I'm not sure if she was as tall as my sister.
Again, I don't really remember that much about my Mom
Kind of makes me sad that I don't
Then again, that's the reason why I have a tattoo for her


For Ate J
It's funny because I see many different people in her which is really cool.
But it's strange that I already feel so close to her.
I'm an open book to a lot of people nowadays
It was nice because she's been very open to me too
Maybe Mom sent her.

Bradley Afroilan