my initials are BA. stands for badass

Post College



Emotional Support Animal
So I got a letter for an emotional support animal from my counselor.
When I was at counseling, I talked to my therapist about how my insurance is about to run out.
I was surprised though because she said that she's not needed anymore.
When it comes to counseling, counseling ends for a person after they achieve a goal they set up in the beginning.
To be honest, I've gotten a little tired of going to counseling.
So it's kind of cool how the therapy dog will be taking the place of my counselor.


I hung out with my housemate in Oakland on Friday as well.
I spent like 3 hours with Ate J on Thursday and originally I was supposed to be hanging out with my Housemate.
I felt really bad so I needed to make it up to him by making banana bread and as well taking him out to a beer garden called Lost and Found.
As usual, we had a good conversation and it's nice to just have a drink and talk about random things going on in our lives.
As usual, I talked about the concept of love and relationships.
It's something that I've never talked about so much in my life before. 

Bradley Afroilan