my initials are BA. stands for badass

Post College



Work today was a bit better.
We set up rules/guidelines/ community agreements with the kids
It was a good start, but there were a bit of complications to getting everyone to agree.
Some kids didn't understand that these were agreements that were going forward.
Some of the kids didn't like the consequences for the warnings.
It all works out in the end and I realized that I either have a lot of patience for work or I am too desensitized to care
Hopefully it's the former, but I'm not sure

I hung out with my supervisor from this past semester
I asked her about love
I asked her about what she wish someone told her about when she graduated
she said that I should pay attention to my friends and notice that the people who I think are going to stay might not stay and the people who I don't really think of staying, might be the ones who stay
And she said that it's totally fine

I ended up shopping for my dog that I'm adopting this coming Saturday.
Dogs are pretty expensive and I'm glad that this Saturday that the adoption fees have been waived which is great.
Dogs are pretty expensive to adopt.
I also worked on my paper that's due on Saturday.

Bradley Afroilan