my initials are BA. stands for badass

Profound Aesthetic


Profound Aesthetic


Rebrand Challenge
This is a personal project of mine. I wanted to redesign the lookbook of Profound Aesthetic from their Summer 2017 campaign. Consequently, I made a zine like medium for Instagram, but it is also multipurpose. *Note all credit goes to Profound Aesthetic



The Process

Samples from Profound Summer 2017 Campaign


Whenever I see a lookbook, I like to see some type of interplay between design and photography otherwise, I think that it’s just photography. I understand that the main reason a lookbook goes out is so that people can focus on the clothing. However, I wanted to add some visual stimulation which would create a different identity. While Profound Aesthetic does have a specific identity, lookbooks can differ since the textiles used change from season to season.



Font Choice: Din Alternative Bold
I went with Din Alternative Bold because it was created for use in engineering and technical applications such as traffic signs. Since it has an unrefined and primitive feel, I thought that it would be a great pairing for this street fashion brand since streetwear is about being raw, but simultaneously structured.

Mood/Inspiration Board
I was watching a Typography video by The Futur on Youtube and really liked how they cut up the masthead of their design. I stumbled upon David Hockney’s photography and really liked how he cut up photos and put them together to make a completely different visual. The other two designs I found on Pinterest and Behance. The pink cover inspired the washed out purple and the surf magazine inspired turning the photos black and white.