my initials are BA. stands for badass
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To re-release their RS-X model, Puma collaborated with MTV by bringing in rappers Yung Bans, Lil Keed, and Deanté Hitchcock to create customized versions of the RS-X. To showcase their customized shoes, I created name cards with a custom QR code to their Soundcloud profile.

In addition to designing the name cards, I also designed the signage under our Art Director guidance for the store at the event.


Video: Red Penn Media



To design the name cards, I first did some research on the RS-X, the artists, and looked at the ads that were already being used. The photos all had a very 90s Home vibe which became the foundation for these pieces. Consequently, I was able to pick different everyday objects in the home that could be used as the base for these name cards. The three objects that I chose were a CRT TV, a VHS tape, and a refrigerator. Although a refrigerator does not seem like the coolest object to choose, Deante Hitchock had recently released an EP which featured him next to a refrigerator with the name of his EP “Just a Sample 2” in magnetic alphabet letters. For the Television, it was a simple decision to place Yung Bans’s name on top the SMPTE Color Bars but with the colors matching the already released Ads in order to show consistency. Regarding the VHS tape, I did the same thing and modeled it off of a Sony VHS Cover. For sizing, these needed to fit on a glass box measuring ‘16” x 16".”


Art Direction: Puma x Nintendo

Below are some examples of the conceptual work that I have mocked up for a pitch for Puma x Nintendo