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The Last Semester


a whirlwind of emotions is kind of the perfect way to describe my last first day of college and also the start of this art project. and it's not just because of the weather today which was rainy, sunny, and cloudy.

as i sit down to  reflect/draw, there really was a lot that happened.

From feeling out of place in my grad seminar class on community organizing since I'm both an undergraduate and a persxn of color in a pretty white dominated field, experiencing anxiety & uncertainty of finishing my thesis by graduation, to feeling overwhelmed, saudade & excitement all while researching in the Ethnic Studies Library.

these emotions made me ask, "is graduation actually happening? am i going to finish my thesis?  am i going to find a job after college? will i always feel out of place? and am i actually better than i was last semester or am i just lying to myself?

I'll have to see when this whirlwind settles~

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