my initials are BA. stands for badass
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The Last Semester


this is a photo of one of my close friend's lola and lolo.
for those of you who don't know, these words mean grandma and grandpa. the reason i have this photo here is because it's their 50th wedding anniversary: their golden year. 
when i first transferred to berkeley, despite being so close to home in SJ, I never really went home except for long breaks.

this year has been a bit different.
i've been going home quite a bit because of events like these. however, whenever i say I'm going home, it's strange because my pops sold the house over the summer.  so technically no home. as well, when i think of home, i usually think of a physical structure. However, i still remember to this day from an immersion trip in high school, a houseless man named Andrew said to me, "a house is the physical structure and a home is a community." 
the last few weeks I've slept over at the apartments or houses of close friends. i'm grateful for them holding space for me, especially after watching horror films.
Despite not having a physical place to call home in san jose,
having a small studio,
and feeling restricted by the berkeley bubble,
 by staying with friends, i've realized that my friends are my home~

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