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The Last Semester


the drawing's caption was said by my professor in my Soc Welfare grad seminar today and i really resonated with it. in short, people are not empowered, but rather people empower themselves and one of the easiest ways one can feel empowered is by being confident in one's individual story. since coming to college and finally learning about my pilipinx culture, i've learned that my culture has the honor of passing hxstory through stories.

it's taken me a long time to even start to tell mine and while i openly say that i am seeing counseling, the reasons why don't always escape the curve of my lips. but i'm trying.

one thing on my mind is how i feel like i'm more of an ethnic studies major rather than a sociology major because i love qualitative methods and not so much quantitative. i don't deny the value in quantitative methods because numbers do make a strong argument, but larger systems still ignore the data despite the research done. inequality and inequity exist. as well, how do numbers accurately and actually describe a humxn's suffering?

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