my initials are BA. stands for badass
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The Last Semester


San Francisco, city sitting next to sea
much like two siblings on a bus, nestled warmly together, asleep
home of giants and warriors of elite success,
but focused on money, not compassion and other’s humxnness

what happened?
the inconspicuous line on the wrinkles of his forehead comes to my attention
a drop slowly oozes from the line and slithers to the cold, concrete floor
the number is dialed, dispatch quickly answers
Hello?...Yes, A man in his 60s... Hurry.
Minutes pass, seconds seem like forever
How many times was it asked to call 911? How many times must we say yes since he stumbled?
minutes pass, seconds count when it comes to a Stroke

people come and go, but none know CPR
only how to walk by and sigh, pitiful breath that could have saved his life
only how to throw out dollar bills for a quick, ephemeral joy ride
but to whatever divine being out there!
Ambulance, where are you?
Loudly ringing like the wolf in the cold, dark night
signaling that one of the pack is slowly fading away...

this actually happened on the night that my friend inspired me to start this project. sadly, i'm not sure if the man survived.
there's more to this piece, but i'm workshopping it right now for my poetry for the people class. to anyone who's at berkeley and wants to be able to communicate in an empathetic way, please consider taking this course.