my initials are BA. stands for badass
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The Last Semester


pc by my sister, but photo arrangement by me. my sister was asking me a series of questions that psychology research indicates what you want others to see about yourself, how you see yourself, and what you see in a partner. #royal #frosty #lovemysister

my sister is probably one of the best people ever. when we were younger, we weren't the best together, but as we've gotten older and as well because i've been able to go out with her, we've gotten a lot closer to one another. back in fall 2015 when i first learning how to do illustrator/photoshop, the instructor asked us what was one of your favorite memories over the summer? for me, i said that it was hanging out with my sister. i said this because since i moved back to berkeley, we've gotten a lot closer and there's more understanding.  it's taken me awhile to understand that my sister cares even though it sometimes is in a tough love kind of way. i've realized that it is because of her that i'm able to do a lot of the things that i do. she's made the most significant impact on me and i'm glad. 

if you're reading this manang, thanks for dinner and thanks for supporting my decision to move out of state after graduation~

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