my initials are BA. stands for badass
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The Last Semester


i think this speaks to the mission of my sister's work. helping people have careers through the power of pastries. these pastries are the production tools for success

the finished product of these were amazing

there were a lot of images that stuck out in my mind today. these are two tangible shots that i took while taking photos at my sister's work. they had their rope cutting ceremony today and they also graduated their first class since they moved back from emeryville. i think one of my favorite things to do in photography is to photograph people. it's really hard, but when you're able to get the shot that isn't too staged and isn't too candid, i really enjoy capturing those images.  as you can see, the photos above aren't people because i don't have consent from folx to post on my personal site. 

as well, the image of the lotus is another thing. a friend was saying to me today that lotuses grow under water in all the muck, but most people don't know that because all they see is the surface result of the flower. she was explaining to me how the best and beautiful experiences can come from the muck of society. it kind of made me feel a lot better because i've been stressing over finding a job out of state too. 

also, art for social change. i'm super happy that i have this space where i don't always have to talk about pilipinx issues 

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