my initials are BA. stands for badass
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The Last Semester


infographic completed

nothing (technology speaking) seems to be working for me right now. my external hard drive is broken. my computer has no memory. illustrator and photoshop keep shutting down on me. my phone charger broke and i had to buy a new one. all my devices have no memory right now which is difficult for someone trying to do a lot of digital art.

a lot of first world privilege right now, but it's a bit of high stress because i'm still trying to find a job, still trying to finish my thesis, still trying to figure out my class schedule, while at the same time, suck all the juice out of this orange called life. 

when things like this happen, there's usually something that needs to be adjusted. a lot of the times, it might just be hanging with people. for me, all directions seem to be just pointing to get the heck out of berkeley~

also, i'm going to my first rave tonight. 

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