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The Last Semester


i called/texted my dad yesterday to tell him that i was coming home. since i'm trying to move off to new york in the next few months, my family means a lot more than it usually has meant. it was really funny, my dad responded in text, we're going to go and see a movie.

in short, my dad and i were going on a date.

valentine's day is seen as this money spending holiday for heterosexual folx only. but this simple message from my dad reminded me that love isn't just heterosexual eros, homosexual eros, queer eros, and many other forms of eros. love exists in many forms and some of the first forms of love i've experienced was through family and friends. 

pops and i didn't go and see a movie, we ended up having a drink and watching the NBA east vs. west special. throughout the day, we also talked about how he met my mother too. it's nice that we're starting to talk about subjects never really touched upon in my youth~

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