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The Last Semester


i ended up finishing this during my soc honor's seminar. i also took notes and i was suprised at how engaged i was with what the grad panel was talking about. usually i'm always just super focused with no drawing or anything, but recently, i've been trying to draw, but at the same time, if i hear something i like, i write it down. 

i like how it is in my last year that i finally realize that education isn't a top down approach. there isn't just one way to do education. when i was applying to transfer at berkeley, i learned that there are different forms of intelligence.  the intellgience the academy wants is through the SAT. but the intelligence that i've learned to have is criticality. i'm still learning every day to be critical, but it's also important to not be too critical. sometimes being "down" as we call it in activist/organizer spaces takes precedent and we don't really want to correct people for making mistakes. i often forget that i once had no awareness of social issues going on in society. 

i guess the question for a while for me has been, what does it mean to be down? it's more than be red, yellow, black or brown with knowledge that critiques the current standards. 


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