my initials are BA. stands for badass
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The Last Semester


tuesdays seem to be just filled with theory. for the last few days and even the last two years, everything in school has been about theory. i do like ideas and how they provoke thought, but if they just stay in the theory bubble and are never put into practice, i often times question why is there theory, but no solutions to the issues?

i ended up drawing this today in order to depict how theory is very lofty and kind of for those who are let into the ivory tower. like myself. however, my thoughts are always with how do we actually put this into practice. for me, i like using art. 
right now, i really enjoy poetry for the people because it allows me to paint half of a picture with my words and hand off the brush to the listener and let them paint an even fuller image.

here's a piece i wrote in class 

creeping from the east into the bay
dry fit jerseys
app-filled phones
papers claiming they own the community’s space
but why does a thin slice cut of a tree
ink splatter all over
making unrecognizable lines and shapes
not practiced in this locality
but legitimate this intrusion
of these contemporary columbuses...
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