my initials are BA. stands for badass
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The Last Semester


i was out in emeryville last night with one of my co's and one of my close friends. as we were in target, i said to my co, "i'm going to draw edgar as a his favorite dinosaur, but with his clothing, hair, and glasses."  as a result, we have this brachiosaurus x edgar. i think it came out rather well. i can't wait to put this into illustrator and color it in and actually make it look like my friend.

today was my thesis day. i can't believe it, but i've been so much better in writing and actually getting my thesis done. i'm still very cautious about my mental health and the practices that i do for self care. even though i know that i am getting better, i need to make sure that i don't fall into my bad habits of just working hella long hours and not taking time for myself to just relax.  

another side note, i've made it through 40 days of just creating! i can't believe that i actually made it! (well i made it through one cycle of 40 days.  i still have the rest of the semester to make things. 


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