my initials are BA. stands for badass
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The Last Semester


a little lazy today with the creating, but then again, there was a lot to do today. interviews for my thesis, getting interviewed for the weekender in the daily cal, revising poems, writing another poem, skating in between.

i think the most important thing today was describe what fear looks like as a child to me. fear is the very quiet child, but when fear gets the chance, they are able to let loose and run all over the place and become very hyper. fear is the one child that i'm not entirely sure how to deal with. anger and happiness are a little bit easier to calm down. while anger wants me to snap and cause physical pain, i always have to say, let's try that again anger, what's a more productive way. usually it's through poetry

happiness wants me to love myself still and i'm slowly learning. i don't really like the fact that happiness is linked to other saying good things about me such as a friend saying that she wanted to get one of my drawings tattooed on her or my grad student mentor saying that i'm proud of you for writing 6 sections in a weekend for your thesis. 

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