my initials are BA. stands for badass
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The Last Semester



these took awhile to edit. the ones on the right are going into the infographic that i'm making. i really like the fact that i'm able to do this type of work now. i remember when i was a first year in high school, i really wanted to do photography, but i remember how i always felt guilty in pursuing any form of art because my parents came to the united states in order for my sister and i to get an education.  i also never thought that we had the financial means for me to explore the arts. it's funny how when i reflect upon it, it was my belief in our lack of financial privilege that i felt that i wasn't able to pursue this type of art. it's an unfortunate mindset that i think many students of color and children of immigrants are socialized to believe, especially in a society that favors white people.
we can see a clear with the academy awards. the oscars are very white. while artists of color should receive validation, i'm also learning that i as a person of color should not seek validation from ANYONE. the only validation that i should seek, and i struggle with receiving, is my own. 

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