my initials are BA. stands for badass
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The Last Semester


heartbreak really does suck. i drew this piece after i got inspired by my friend who runs the site, Architecture Anonymous. he played on the word "Axonametric" and literally drew an Axe on a metric.

in the same way, i drew a heart "breaking"

i've only shared this piece every so often with folx that i think really need a laugh or can empathize with what i'm feeling. this piece means to me self evaluation. yes a heart break hurts, but it gets at the self-love piece in asking, what did i actually need then?
it means a time for self-reflection. it means taking care of myself, or rather, learning to let others who want to, take care of me. it also makes me ask again, do i love myself?

breaks do hurt though and time does heal, but it sure takes a long time
we'll see by this #wordwednesday. special tribute to Frank Ocean #wheresFrankOcean

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