my initials are BA. stands for badass
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The Last Semester


thanks to a great friend for capturing this of my ading and me

when i was at the student of color retreat, there was an alumni from the multicultural community center who talked about how the relationship between the mentee and the mentor, shouldn't always be one sided. as i've experienced and put into the mentee/mentor relationship, i always felt that i had to be more of the supporter rather than the supported. however, after the alumni said this statement, i really started to think about how it has been one of my mentees who have grounded me and also has helped me make a lot of sense out of a lot of things happening in my life. it's interesting how even though i might say something that is supposed to be the solution to my issue that it doesn't sound true until someone else says it. that person usually is this particular ading and i'm very grateful to have her in my life. thanks ading for keeping me grounded.
i literally and figuratively don't know where i would be sometimes without you~

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