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The Last Semester


i finally was able to draw fear today. to describe fear again, fear is the child who is very quiet, but when fear can, fear will take the opportunity to cause a ruckus.  it's very difficult to deal with fear because fear doesn't have a mouth. so my question is how do you communicate with fear?

i told this today to a friend who works at the public service center. i told her about how my other friend told me that i should make a comic about my emotions and how they grow up to finally being able to tell me what they need. 

what was the amazing thing was that she told me after noticing that fear doesn't have a mouth, fear can write though.

this realization hit me hella hard in the best way.
i reflected in front of her and told her how in moments of difficulty or when i'm afraid, writing a letter has been my way to communicate. 
fear communicates through writing. 
after this realization, she left to go back to her office.
me i started writing about fear and why fear acts this way. fear is scared of anger. fear runs around when anger starts to talk because fear needs to find paper to communicate, but it's hard when fear doesn't have paper. as a result, happiness comes to help fear. i think happiness will only speak through physical affirmations such as hugs and the occasional affirmation. 
we'll see. i honestly have no idea where this is going, but it feels nice~