my initials are BA. stands for badass
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The Last Semester


job searching. more like soul sucking. not soul searching.
i did quite a bit for my thesis today. it was a bit scary though because one of the professors that i interviewed had me stop my interview with him because he wasn't understanding what i was doing. when a professor does that, that's when you know you've kind of messed up. fortunately i was able to explain what was going on and what i was trying to do in the thesis and he was able to answer my questions.  i literally thought that he was going to stop the interview and say that my methods weren't good because he received his phd in sociology here at berkeley. 
i applied to two internships today, both at the same institution, but at different sites. i really need to slow down a bit and stop and just chill. 

fortunately drawings like these allow me to take some time for myself and create something that i can laugh about~

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