my initials are BA. stands for badass
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The Last Semester


i asked my friend today what she thought about when she heard the word "self care."
she said, hugging, books, tea. i said, let me draw a cat drinking tea and books hugging. so i did.
i realized that i'm really annoying when i start creating things or that i like revert back to childhood when i start drawing. 
today was a tough day. i kind of just woke up, showered, went to work, went home. sadness definitely paid me a visit today. i'm most likely going home tomorrow to recharge a bit and get out of this berkeley pressure cooker. i also really want to skateboard but the gosh darn weather is just bringing my mood down so much. 
i think i'm going to draw. i might just sit and do nothing. maybe watch cartoons.
but then again.
cartoons bring back some bittersweet memories.

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