my initials are BA. stands for badass
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The Last Semester


i constantly keep having headaches. i've had headaches and migranes for as long as i've been in middle school.  i never really understood why i had so many headaches. it wasn't until recently when i was reading a book on pilipinxs and panethnicity that i read that chronic headaches are an indicator to mental health issues. it makes a lot of sense to me.

i drew the piece above after having a conversation with my friend the attorney about guilt.  he was talking about how in law school, he and a friend were taking a long break while everyone else was studying and his friend said to him something along the lines of, "guilt is our favorite drug." if we personify guilt as a person, it's a lot of fun to hold their hand when you skip class or you do something a bit edgy. as a result, we have this piece which has probably been thought about before and drawn somehwere, but i like how i just draw these things.

i hung out with one of my adings today which was nice. she's actually a past intern and my only intern when i was a staff member for {m}aganda magazine. it's nice because we're both very weird people and so we make a good staffer-intern match. anywho, we had a good conversation about personifying so many different concepts. 

as well, i got a rejection at a fellowship i applied for. that's okay. it's nice to know that people are looking at me. i've applied to so many things with no response, it's nice to finally hear something tangible. 

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