my initials are BA. stands for badass
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The Last Semester


“Pake as Puck”
you say you know my culture
you even got
but as Poreign words
Prom as you Profess
”ProPicient Palate”
my ears taste sourness
like the container of vinegar
you avoid on your Pirst venture
to Goldilocks
Pilipino Pastries and Pood

Por Pirst time
your ears smell
our warmth
when sticky gums
in our mouths
smack together
like my Pamily gathering at the Park
Por niece ari’s Pirst
Play date around the Sun
Por Pirst time
your tongue listens
to our stories
magical marinade
in our Pilipino Pood

you say you understand

but your senses
do not stomach
our warmth and stories
in one sitting
unlike you
your single venture
missing an essential
my tongue savors to hear Porgotten vinegar
nose crinkling sauce
room temPerature rePrigerator
electricity not necessary
as my tongue listens
i learn to Preserve
Prom this Prayed, but Presh
Plavor and Pragrance

this vinegar
who’s smell scrunches my Pace
like Pops
dirty hands
dusty legs
Pushing and ProPelling
long Pews of the muddy monastery
at 12 years old
before Packing his browness
to Ply to the conPiguration
of the red, white & blue
who’s taste
salivates the rim of my mouth
like the Manong and Manangs
in the Delano Pields
Wages Pairer
So when you say you know my culture
your tongue and ears
make mistaken myths
about my mosaic
my culture
your tongue and ears
don’t see
like mine
when mine Pucks
with vinegar

poetry gets harder to write every single week. i have a mid term portfolio due next week and i have to revise all of my pieces to get to a third draft. i really need to sleep though. i want to keep producing and getting work done, but my body seems to be shutting down a bit. i need to treat my body like a flower.

i really need to drink water~