my initials are BA. stands for badass
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The Last Semester


i never used to like hiking when i was younger. partly cause i did cross country and never really liked slowing down. but as of late because of my mental health, i've decided to take the time to slow down and actually appreciate all the good things happening. i haven't exactly drawn happiness out with respect to the forest. i think happiness would be wearing short shorts though because that's what i do for running. i'm very grateful for friends who want to get out of berkeley and go hiking. it was free to park in the oakland redwoods. we also made breakfast after the hike. banana, vanila, butter pancakes. 

i also went home today. i'm glad that i have relatives. it's nice to come home to food, but it's nice to just feel love in a way that reminds me that i am capable of love despite my mental health breakdown.  i'm so glad i went home to be with my nieces. they're actually helping me as i try and get a summer job as an art instructor at a camp. i really loved seeing what they drew in my activity and seeing the differences of how they draw similar images. 

i might live in a small studio, but i'm glad that structures aren't homes, but rather that people are home who have these structures and are more than willing to share them with me.

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