my initials are BA. stands for badass
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The Last Semester


adventure time for breakfast. i think yes.
for the longest time, i couldn't really recognize love. i think the last time i recognized love was this time last year and also when my mom passed away.
but recently, as i've been going home more often and visiting several different houses of family members. i'm starting to recognize what love looks like again.
love looks like when my nieces sit down and help me form an art project to present for a job as an art instructor. the way their eyes smile. the way their ears flare, waiting in anticipation for me to continue with the art project.
love looks like my aunt not taking no for an answer when i say i don't want more food. it's a cultural thing definitely to say no to seconds and when asked again, to take seconds. but it's also a family thing when your aunt just plops pilipino desert on your plate. her eyes listen to your eyes drooling.
love looks like my other aunt. hands playing with food, salt and peper hair growling, and eyes shouting when they hear my feet talking about leaving without eating the food her hands prepare.
love is in the small things. love for me is when people make a fuss. it makes me realize that i do know what some forms of love are. it's a nice reminder that love isn't just between couples.

love can even be in the face of one of your favorite cartoon characters on a pancake grill.

Bradley Afroilan