my initials are BA. stands for badass
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The Last Semester


last night, i got reached out to on facebook about rename barrows hall. it was a really cool gsi of a chicano studies class. he basically asked me and my co-artist to come through and talk about art and activism for his the RC or writing requirement class. it was really cool to see that people wanted to mobilize around renaming barrows hall, especially 1st years. i was very grateful to be able to talk about art and activism, but still wish my co-artist was with me as well because it wasn't just me who created the art piece. looks like we got some more people who want to organize.

i headed off to sf today for an interview for a really cool summer camp. i applied for an art instructor position. it was a group interview which was long, but it was nice to see what others came up with for their lesson plan. sf is really nice. it's nice to get out of the bubble as much as i can while i'm still free to do what i please. 

i also am making a sticker for apiiseries. come through. we start tomorrow and we're passing out stickers very soon!!

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