my initials are BA. stands for badass
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The Last Semester


8 am sprouling. never thought i would do that  again, but a good friend who i helped get into senate made it a lot better.
i had my thesis seminar today.
I worked hella on APIISERIES today. I made the sticker and finished it.
APIISERIES. i thought i wouldn't have gone today. fortunately, my mom on my shoulder in the form of a rose tattoo, her favorite flower, helped me get through. also, having a friend from high school, having non-pil friends, and knowing that i have my own forms of self-care rather than ones that are put on in programming are helpful. i'm glad i went on the student of color leadership retreat last january in order to learn that i don't have to do other's forms of self-care if i don't like them. 

i need to write a word wednesday. it's on disability. #staytuned

Bradley Afroilan