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The Last Semester


almost a full year has gone by. i sit hear and listen to an album that was on repeat for me this time last year. i've never seen so much excellence in PCN today. just so much.

and yes, people can be critical, but i think it's important to celebrate the fact that STUDENTS, yes STUDENTS who have full units, jobs, and all these other extracurriculars, were able to put on a show about identity, its complexity, and social justice issues.  

i think back to my first experience at PCN at Berkeley back in my Junior Year. i never knew what it was like to be pilipinx even though i am one. i never felt a connection, but i remember thinking that it was really cool to see my personal experiences or similar ones at least, on stage.  something i could relate to.

as i reflect upon it now, that was my first critical lens of the pilpinx identity and i am forever grateful. i'm grateful that many young pilipinx people saw this and were able to see a critical lens of pilipinx identity, even if some things weren't as developed. it's an amazing thing to see students put this on amidst school. for folks who are and haven't done a PCN, please stop criticizing and please try one. i have back when i was a 2nd year. it was tough, but well worth it and it was a wonderful experience. a formative one too.  

Bradley Afroilan