my initials are BA. stands for badass
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The Last Semester


hours and hours of editing are going to take place tonight because i just want to get in a good place for this film. it's hard though. 

while my gears are grinding again and i'm doing very well and am very focused, i'm forgetting a lot of what i learned with respect to self-care.  sometimes i know that i need to just chill, but a lot of times, if i feel motivated, i want to do a lot of good work. it's a very hard balance that i'm trying to find. i even forgot it was thursday because of how much work i was doing.  for some odd reason, just editing film and doing all this creative work just gives so much to me. i don't know, i feel like this is my passion though. somewhere along the way, everything has just clicked in this past year. 

i also guest lectured a professor's class today. it was really cool. some small disagreements, but these are the moments of when i need to dig in deep and trust that i can talk my points in a very clear way. 

lots of work to do. some time for reflection today, not enough though. i'm finally seeing counseling tomorrow. i'm not sure what to talk about though. we'll see tomorrow at 8am.

Bradley Afroilan