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The Last Semester


there was a rally today at cal day. yes, i know that this is a day for family. but the undocumented community is torn apart every single day because of borders. what is one hour of disruption vs. for them, their lives every single day are disrupted. i've been criticized for practicing allyship and criticized for not demanding change in a more palatable way. but when is the time to do so? especially since these students don't feel comfortable talking about their experiences because there is such a stigma being undocumented. 

people have criticized this because they are using fear and intimidation, but isn't that what the cops do when people are protesting peacefully? i get how protesting sometimes doesn't lead to change, but this protest tactic worked last year with the Black Community. the rally is sometimes not just a political statement, it's also a form of healing for people who have felt so uncomfortable on campus. as well, recommending me to write letters to the administration when it's not what the undocumented community wanted or needed at this time. who am i to act on behalf of them if i don't know their experiences.

i hate when people criticize me and they don't understand the whole story, especially on social media. for me, if i want a productive conversation, i'd rather have it one on one and in person, not on the public sphere of social media. 

sometimes, i hate social media. but this is the world i live in today.

Bradley Afroilan