my initials are BA. stands for badass
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The Last Semester


square space be messing up. the internet connection wasn't working last night

i posted this last night, but it didn't load.

i heard back from the internship yesterday. i didn't get it. i was really counting on this so that i didn't have to worry so much about the summer. fortunately, my sister is going to help me out.

film editing is going well. just need to finish in the next few days. it will get done.
i wrote something yesterday about realizing that people do change and aren't the same. it's evident through pictures. whether someone grows out their hair, cuts their hair, gets a tattoo. the person changes. it's a little sad especially if you fall in love with someone. you have a picture of this person that you fell in love with, but if you fell out of it, that person changes, but as well, you change. it's strange.

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