my initials are BA. stands for badass
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The Last Semester


it's been 2 years since i got into berkeley
it's really unbelievable. it's also been 4 years since i made an announcement on facebook that i would be graduating from ucsb.
i'm graduating from uc berkeley.
days keep getting shorter and shorter. there's less time for me to just chill.
this thesis is pretty much done, i just need to redraft.
however, it's been the poetry that has gotten me.
i basically rewrote so many poems today and i need to start to apply to a fellowship and i need to apply to more jobs.

while my gears are grinding again, i still feel like i haven't learned to take care of myself.
i mean i've started to go home earlier and my body literally just starts falling asleep as i get home. 
i hope that i have learned and that these souvenirs that my life brought back on their metaphorical trip are not being put to waste.

Bradley Afroilan