my initials are BA. stands for badass
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The Last Semester


1 graduation down. 3 more to go.
i wasn't exactly feeling today's general commencement.
wasn't exactly my thing.
i remember just sitting there and being completely zoned out and thinking about this past year especially with heartbreak.
it's funny how the keynote speaker, the COO of facebook at this moment, talked today about her hardships and her biggest life lesson that she learned through the death of her husband.
the funny thing is not that her husband died.
i don't joke about death because death is someone that i've met way too often in my life when i was younger.
i mean to say it was a coincidence that in the moment that she talks about loss is when i learn about loss.
she talked about the 3 Ps. Personalize, Persistence (i think) and permanence.
personalize is to not take it to the personal level (blaming yourself)
persistence (keep trying, find how there are other things in life other than just this hardship)
permanence (all things will pass)
as well, she threw in the 4th P which is Pizza from Cheeseboard.

i didn't take a lot of pictures today. it just didn't seem as important.
this is one of the two photos today though that means a lot to me.
the other photo is a little inappropriate, but that's by chance and because it's been normalized to take photos in that way. 

4 years ago, i never thought i would be graduating from berkeley.
i was set on UCSB.
i still remember when i graduated high school and SIR-ed to berkeley and was at my sister's graduation, how her tita in advising, was talking to me already about transferring.

at the time, i remember how i was very catholic at the moment and said that i thought god wanted me to go there.
i guess whatever spirit wanted me to go to SB, wanted me to go to learn about social activism, and to come back with a flame of passion to fight againt inequities. 

i don't know. 
it's still a blur to me.
3 more to go.
8 more days of this project.

also, emeryville has good burritos and a dope skate park

Bradley Afroilan