my initials are BA. stands for badass
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The Last Semester


7th and Grayson.
900 Grayson.
smiles surround the space
friends that i've made in my last 2 years.
i'm going to miss this a lot.
there's a bit much going on, but a lot a love flows from this.

i keep reflecting to a year ago.
same exact things are happening at the same exact time.
i move out the apartment i've lived in for the last year on the same day i moved in.

2 long conversations about the pil community happened. 
i'm very drained.
i'm going home today.
it's been a long time since i've been in san jose or where my pops is.
it's mother's day on the 8th.
i wonder what she thinks of me.

Bradley Afroilan