my initials are BA. stands for badass
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The Last Semester


even after a brain anuerysm
a bubble popping in her head
causing blood to run throughout
after having a ruler sized blade slice her skull
me passing the third grade exam
more important than her recovery

above is something that i wrote yesterday as i thought about what to say at pil grad.
but,  i forgot to post yesterday.
i fell asleep.
you would think after 4 years of studying hella hard that i would know that taking a nap at night time just means going to sleep.
but yesterday, i spent the whole day with my dad.
we went to visit my mother yesterday. 
it was nice. 
it's always funny though.
whenever we go out on mother's day, it's usually my dad who we're calling mom.
it's sad to know that i won't be able to drive with my dad like we did yesterday in many years from now.
i really need to spend a bit more time with him.
it's nice that postgrad is going to allow me to do so. 
the picture that is there is a picture that i took while in san francisco with my dad. not sure if it is showing up cause square space keeps messing with me ;/

Bradley Afroilan