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Update later. Post work now

Today kind of felt like I was a kid again. I was the kid hanging out with his dad, his aunts, and his uncles.

3 good things

  1. Got $50 from an uncle. Unexpected totally

  2. Got to reconnect with a cousin I haven’t seen in 15 years

  3. Got to ride the National Harbor Ferris Wheel with my dad

It’s interesting to be older and still feeling like a kid. I talked a little bit about this with my boss the other day. She talked about how she’s always the kid when it comes to hanging with her parents and she’s okay with that. For me, I’m okay with that if I’m with my dad. If I’m with anyone else though, it doesn’t feel exactly right. I’m very patient when it comes to this. It was actually kind of nice because I kind of just was sleeping most of the day.

This has been a good day of rest because as soon as I get back, I got a lot of things to do.

Oh also, today marks 2 months that I’ve been creating something every single day. I even got reached out to about being interviewed for my work.

While to me, it’s better to work smarter than harder, it’s better to be consistent than both of those. All I need to do is show up.

Showing up is important in the same way creating and posting on the days that I need to. Consistency is king for success. It’s the compounding effect that I’ve talked about a lot. I’m starting to get a bit of traction and I’ve met some failure along the way. Lost 35 bucks, didn’t do well on 2 dates, didn’t get an interview, but I tried. It’s important to keep trying and understanding that failure is research for the future.

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Bradley Afroilan