my initials are BA. stands for badass
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The Last Semester


i took grad photos for a friend today.
i said to him as i took this picture.
this is how much i love you dood.
basically i laid down in the eucalyptus grove in order to get the photo above.
i think it looks pretty good without a filter or anything
it's funny cause i asked him to take a photo of me while i was still on the floor.

i fell asleep on the floor last night at a friend's apt
i took a bunch of my future roommate's belongings.
i got mad for a second cause i thought i told him that i could only take a few things from him.
i ended up taking a lot of his things.
but that's okay.
it's only for a few days.

this project ends in like 2 days.
it's been a lot of fun.
i'm not sure what i've learned in this process though.
i've learned a lot about my emotions.
i've learned how to see them and process them.
i've learned that closure comes from my own realization.
not from another person.

sadness still tries to get a piggy back ride from me.
i can't really carry them that far though before i have to stop.
another graduation tomorrow.
a graduation party.
and the last one is on Sunday.

i think the next project is going to focus on my photoshop and illustrator skills.
looking specifically at life after post grad.

Bradley Afroilan