my initials are BA. stands for badass
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The Last Semester


Tomorrow is the big day.
i just got back from my friend's grad party.
it's nice to get out of berkeley and be with another's family.
it was nice to play guitar.
to laugh.
to realize that i'm out of college even though i'm still living in the same place.
i got a job too.

i basically finished everything.
the thesis, this blog, poetry, the film, and a job.
i just didn't do that one thing that my friend asked me that i wanted to do.
i can't do it.
closure is something that i get on my own.

4/5 things done.
but really there are so many other things to check off the list that i call life.
the goal was to post every single day.
i missed only 3 times. these were accidents too.
have i figured out who i am.

well, i figured out a few things.
i figured out.
i skateboard to combat my depression.
i really like graphic design work.
i'm not the best at photography.
i think of my emotions as children.
i'm creative.
i've done a lot.
i self-cared a lot.
i finished.

on to the next project.
or maybe a break?
well, there is one more day.


Bradley Afroilan