my initials are BA. stands for badass


Moving forward

I made some good progress on this app.

Update on my ankle. I’m able to walk, I was able to bike to drop of my film, and I was able to do some PT for it. It’s interesting how this is the 3rd time I’ve sprained one of my ankles, but I’m actually able to walk. I probably shouldn’t be walking, but I got no other choice. It’s weird. I know that I need to chill out and fortunately I can, but jeez this is a bit complicated.

3 good things

  1. I can walk. Did PT

  2. Developed a roll of film

  3. Agency says that I can possibly start interning with them soon. An answer will come at the end of the week.

I’m also working on another project right now. So there’s that

Crap, I need to book my flight back home for my Aunt’s 50th anniversary. Jeez, I’ll do that sometime soon.

I’m going to be 24 and a half on Jan 31st. Dang, 24 and what have I done. Quite a bit, but not everything or most things that I want to do.

I also talked to my former roommate today who is out here in NYC, but will be leaving soon. We talked about how voices in our head come from other people and it’s important to silence them if they aren’t helpful to us. It was a good conversation because the voice in my head wasn’t linked to anyone in particular, but rather the spaces that I was apart of in college. In organizing spaces at UCSB, those spaces were pretty toxic. I was barely involved, but I always thought someone was going to call me out on something.

My background is interesting because my dad work’s at walmart and my mom was the breadwinning nurse. When she passed away, my dad didn’t make that much. However, when I learned about beneficiaries, social security, and how money is passed through an IRA, we’re actually pretty well off. However, somehow, we didn’t have to pay for school. It’s largely because of my Dad’s income not being that high.

As someone with this background, it’s weird to me to use the money saved up in my 529 account. I feel like I’m cheating and not doing it how all the other first generation, low income folks are doing it. However, I have to realize that it’s foolish of me to think this way. If I can use this money to get me where I need to be, I might as well use it.

More on this later.

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Bradley Afroilan